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Taiga 88 Quart Custom Cooler

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Check out our amazing personalized cooler! Make your cooler standout by creating your own custom design on our amazing coolers. Our coolers are made from heavily researched eco friendly materials that allow for an amazing looking cooler that will still keep your drinks cool for hours! Our coolers are super durable making them perfect for any outdoor adventure! This is cooler is perfect for camping, fishing trips, or a day at the lake, river, or beach! 

The Taiga 88 cooler is designed with extra length and height for stacking your drinks or meats in to keep ice cold for the long haul or fishing trip.

Exterior Dimensions

L: 47" x W: 21" x H: 18"

Interior Dimensions

L: 36-3/4" x W: 12" x H: 13-1/2"