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Don't Forget Your Accessories

Check out our amazing Fire Side Red cooler! Our coolers are made from heavily researched eco friendly materials that allow for an amazing looking cooler that will still keep your drinks cool for hours! Our coolers are super durable making them perfect for any outdoor adventure! This cooler is perfect for camping, fishing trips, or a day at the lake, river, or beach! 

snowflake-icon.png2" thick walls and 3" thick lid with R5 insulation give unbreakable strength and keep the cold colder. gecko-icons.pngFour Hydro-turf, high performance traction feet assure your cooler stays put.
drain-plug.pngOversize drain plug for fast draining. strong-icon.png3/16” thick no break, poly-propylene walls with UV stabilizers and anti-microbial additives to insure a lifetime of strength and durability.
made-usa-icon.pngMade in Texas, USA with Limited Lifetime warranty and 60 day money back guarantee. dollar-icon.pngAll of these features in a true to size 27 quart cooler offer a tremendous value in a cost per quart compared to other coolers.

Holds Up to 24 Cans


A Bag Of Ice

Exterior Dimensions

L: 23" x W: 15-1/2" x H: 15"

Interior Dimensions

L: 15" x W: 12-1/2" x H: 10"

Leading The Way

Taiga Coolers is at the head of the pack with our new coolers, made from hemp filled polypropylene, This is huge in terms of petroleum plastic reduction. By incorporating bio-plastics into our hard cooler product line, Taiga is making a difference. We live and love an outdoor lifestyle, we want the best for the natural world we enjoy. At the same time, you have become accustomed to the luxuries and convenience provided by over a century of living with plastic.


Now, we are attempting to bridge the gap and provide the best of both worlds; a thriving, healthy environment, and environmentally responsible products go hand in hand. Sustainable plastics are the key, and hopefully a new, cleaner era for our planet is right around the corner.

Additional Features of the 27 Quart Taiga cooler

  • Leak proof, recessed, seamless lid gasket combines with the ridged air flow barrier to seal the lid for maximum ice retention
  • 1/4" Diameter aluminum hinge rod secures the integrated self stopping lid to the cooler
  • Two heavy duty UV protected lid latches maintain a strong lid seal
  • Poly-propylene is FDA compliant for food contact
  • Two secure tie downs on either side of the cooler that allow the lid to open
  • One lid lock locations to secure the cooler to prevent unwanted beer theft.


Don't forget your cooler Accessories!

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