An Era Of Evolved Plastic

For the past century, plastics have been busy changing the world. Now, we are changing plastic for the better of the world.


Time For A Change

One thousand years. That is how long it takes some plastic to decompose. Of course, this is really just a scientific guess, since no one has been around long enough to see it happen. Which means many plastic products still have centuries left in their lifespan—centuries spent in a landfill, on a roadside, or in the ocean. We have a dependency on plastic, and no wonder. It is an amazing invention. However, after more than a century of using the stuff, it is about time we improved it.


Enter sustainable plastics. Engineered using plant based, biodegradable products, these are the future of plastics, and the time to usher in that future has arrived. Scientists continue to find new ways to create bio-plastics, and demand from consumers and companies continues to rise.


Why Sustainable Plastic?

In an era of environmentally conscious consumers, and with islands of trash twice the size of Texas floating around in our oceans, perhaps it is time for petroleum based plastic to go the way of the dodo. However, the conversion is not something that will happen quickly. For bio-plastics to be feasible, they must compete with petroleum based plastics in cost, durability, and performance.


When companies like Taiga Coolers mix bio-plastics into their products, they are leading the charge to usher in change. Even a small amount of bio-plastic can make a big difference.


Consider the lifespan of our regular plastic, from creation to decomposition. Products made from these have negative effects for hundreds, or even thousands of years, after their usefulness is over. Unfortunately, much of this waste finds its way into the ocean where long-term effects are still far from being understood.


On the other hand, sustainable plastics biodegrade naturally, and in a much shorter time period. Just like the plants and natural materials they are made of, they break down naturally. This is a big deal, when 90% of ocean pollutants are plastic. This is a bigger deal when we have the power to fix the problem.

Leading The Way

Taiga Coolers is at the head of the pack with their new coolers, made from 20% sustainable plastics. This number is huge in terms of petroleum plastic reduction. By incorporating bio-plastics into their customizable product line, Taiga is making a difference. For those of us who live and love an outdoor lifestyle, we want the best for the natural world we enjoy. At the same time, we have become accustomed to the luxuries and convenience provided by over a century of living with plastic.


Now, we are on the threshold of having the best of both worlds; a thriving, healthy environment, and environmentally responsible products go hand in hand. Sustainable plastics are the key, and hopefully a new, cleaner era for our planet is right around the corner. It is companies like Taiga, by embracing a better product, that will help take us there.

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